Scrap Metal Recycling

All About Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap metal could have been just about anything from electrical wire to aluminum foil. Whatever type of metal it is, there is always a place for it at a metal recycling yard. Many businesses and local councils have taken it upon themselves to offer a means of collecting anything that is recyclable by placing bins labeled with different scrap metal names on the curbside in strategic places where access is easy to members of the public. This most commonly takes place with aluminum cans as there are so many of them in use that it makes it more profitable to collect them and sell them to the local metal recycling company.

What kinds of metal are labeled scrap?

Apart from aluminum, scrap yards will take copper, brass, steel, wires, lead and iron. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between different types of metal. There is one easy way of identifying some types and that is through the use of a magnet. If a magnet is held up close or is even made to touch and it sticks, then the metal will be ferrous such as iron or steel (but it doesn’t work with stainless steel!). Ferrous metals aren’t worth as much money as non ferrous metals but a scrap metal recycling company is still willing to accept them and will recycle them to the best of their ability and find a useful place for them.

If the magnet you are using to test your unwanted metal fails to stick to the magnet then you have a metal which is non-ferrous like aluminum, copper, brass, bronze zinc. These metals are extremely popular for recycling as they have a far higher value than ferrous metals and a metal recycler will offer a high price.

Once you have sorted out your non ferrous from your ferrous metals but you are still not sure what you have got, then texture and color can help to complete your identification.

What is the value of different metals?

Prices of many metals may vary from time to time depending on how scarce they are. The best way to get an idea how much your scrap metal is worth is by contacting a number of local scrap yards to find the most competitive price.

What happens at the scrap metal yard?

When you turn up with the trunk of your car full of various bits of unwanted metal, the scrap metal recycler will quickly sort out anything you haven’t identified in a few seconds. He or she will then put it into piles and weigh it. What you receive in cash is determined by the weight. Not all scrap metal recyclers will pay if the quantities you bring in are very small, so it is best to fill up the trunk when you have plenty to sell and you will receive more cash.

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