Is scrap steel worthwhile to scrap?

Steel isn’t worth as much as most other common metals, but it is worth scrapping. Copper and brass, for example, are worth much more.

Do you buy wrecked automobiles?

Yes we buy automobiles. If you are the owner of the car you need to bring your ID along with the title with the buyer section left blank. If you are not the person who's name is on the title as the owner then you need to get the title notorized with the persons who's name is on the title as the seller and leave the buyer on the back blank.

Do you unload the scrap metal?

We are happy to help assist you in unloading your material, however, we will not enter into your vehicle.

Do you buy sheet metal?

Yes, we purchase and recycle sheet metal.

How will my load be weighted?

For larger loads you will drive your loaded vehicle onto a scale and your vehicle’s weight will be recorded and shown to you on our billboard display. After unloading, your vehicle will be weighed again. The difference in weight is the amount of scrap you’ll be paid for. For all other metals your material will be unloaded onto our smaller scale and get paid per pound.

Does Dille Road Recycling accept all types of metals?

Yes. We will not accept material that is suspicious or stolen, or that contains hazardous waste.

Does Dille Road Recycling accept mixed loads?


Does Dille Road Recycling buy material off the street from individuals or peddlers?

Yes we do.

Does Dille Road Recycling work with demolition contractors?

Yes, many of our clients are demolition contractors.

Does Dille Road Recycling accept refrigeration units?